6 Common Misconceptions About Private Villas

March 20, 2019
Fisherman Way Beach Resort

The concept of a luxury villa is relatively new. Naturally, there are some misconceptions surrounding it. People who believe in these myths are often those who are not familiar with the concept. In this article, six common myths regarding a private villa will be addressed.

Myth 1: A Luxury Villa is More Expensive Than A Hotel

 Due to its “luxury” nature, a private villa is believed to be much more expensive than a hotel room. However, that is not always the case at all. In Phuket, the starting price for renting a private villa is around the same rate as a room in luxury hotels or resorts. Moreover, a luxury private villa with multiple bedrooms can accommodate up to ten people, whereas a luxury hotel room only has room for two.

Myth 2: There is No Free Breakfast At the Villa

 While it’s true that a private villa does not come with a wide range of services, most luxury villas do come with complimentary breakfast. Most of the times, a continental breakfast will be served, including toasts, butter, coffee, and juice. Some villas, however, can go the extra mile and surprise their guests with an elaborate set of breakfast that is completely free of charge.

Myth 3: Additional Services Come With Extra Fees

 Many people assume that all additional services provided by private villas always come with a fee. However, there are many villas that offer extra services such as a limousine, breakfast, babysitting, and laundry services without any charges. Some luxury private villas even offer more free services than hotels and resorts.

Myth 4: Tipping the Staff is Not Necessary at the Villa

 It is often assumed that tipping is not necessary at the private villa. However, you should understand that the staff at the villa usually have to work harder than those at the hotel or resort. That is because villas are usually operated by a small team of staff who has to oversee everything among themselves. Depending on how long the guests are staying, the villa staff may have little to no days off at all. Therefore, it will be a nice gesture to tip them generously to show your appreciation for their hard work.

Myth 5: A Full Team of Staff is Always Available at the Villa

 Another assumption that people often have toward private villas is that all staff are always present at the premise. However, this notion applies only to some villas, not all of them. There are several villas that only have a villa manager present on the property to ensure that the guests have everything they need.

Myth 6: There Are Not Many Things to Do at the Villa

 Some people think that there is not much to do at the villa. However, this could not be further from the truth! A luxury villa is filled with various high-quality facilities, including a private cinema room, an infinity pool, a private spa room, a sauna room, among others. Moreover, there are a lot of activities for people who love sports as well, such as kayaking. To sum up, there is no shortage of activities when you are staying in a luxury villa. You can choose to do whatever your heart desires, still, the most important thing is that you will never run out of things to do!

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