What To Look For In a Luxury Villa in Phuket

February 18, 2019
Fisherman Way Beach Resort

When it comes to luxury villas, a lot of the time people will be blinded by the word “luxury”
without taking a second look. Sometimes luxury can just mean a higher price and not necessarily better service. Anyone can get luxury. It’s not that big of a deal, but if you are looking for something truly grand, you will want to do your research before booking. Here are some things to keep an eye out for when you’re shopping for luxury villas:

Special Features and Amenities

If you are going to be paying the price of luxury, at the very least, a luxury villa should have a swimming pool, spacious rooms, elegant dining areas with professional kitchen staff, and friendly hotel staff. Extra amenities might include a gym, entertainment rooms with pool tables, games or TVs, jacuzzis, and maybe even a business office for those traveling for work. Higher end villas might even have private cinemas for guests, playgrounds for kids, tennis courts, and even golf courses. You will want to consider your own needs and look into what amenities and features you might be most interested in.

Services and Staff

A luxury villa must come complete with a team of professional and dedicated staff. They will be the ones running the villa and ensuring that your experience is nothing less but luxurious. From the front desk to the cooks to the cleaning staff, everyone must be at the service of their guests. They should be constantly prepared to help any customer in need, allowing for guests to have the best experience possible during their stay at the villa. It is important that the staff work together to help their guests have a comfortable stay and to ensure that the villas are spotless.

Aesthetics and Design

Interior design and landscaping will also play a huge role in the luxurious feeling of the accommodation. Every villa should have its own unique style and design to help customers feel at ease. A villa’s interior design will make or break the luxury villa experience and will set the mood for guests that stay at the villa. Luxury villas will have been designed by professionals of interior design to bring forward the vibe that the founder was trying to bring across. The design is important for any guests who appreciate luxurious interior design and quality materials. This includes bedsheet quality, art pieces, and furniture. Luxury means good taste, and you want that to be reflected in your luxury villa.

Where It’s Located

It’s important that a luxury villa is, at the very least, close to transportation, if it’s not close to the city. Since some people may be staying for business, they will need to leave the facilities to get to their workplace. Some luxury villas might also have their own means of personal transportation, which would be great for those that need to be somewhere daily. If guests are on vacation, they may be looking for a secluded, natural location rather than one next to a loud, crowded city. Depending on your preferences and needs, do some re

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