Top Beachfront Places for Partying in Phuket

May 28, 2019
Fisherman Way Beach Resort

Phuket is a beautiful, scenic island with plenty of nature to enjoy. However, there’s a lot more to do aside from exploring nature. You can release your inner party animal on this island without being disappointed. As a matter of fact, you might be more surprised at how they party here.


There’s nothing too special about going to a dark club with neon lights and throbbing music. Phuket has more to offer. Here are the top beachfront places that are perfect for partying on the island:


Baba Beach Club Phuket

If you are feeling fancy, Baba Beach Club Phuket is the best option for you. This luxury beachfront hotel is situated on Natai Beach. You don’t have to be a guest to enjoy the beach club. It is opened for everything to enjoy so that you can experience the music and stunning beachfront views. They also play electro-pop and house music after it gets dark. After you have fun dancing with your friends, enjoy their fine food options or dip in the water to cool down.


Cafe del Mar Phuket

Looking for a stylish place to chill at night? Cafe del Mar can fulfill your wishes. This beachfront party place is located on Kamala Beach. The location is easy to access without too much of a hassle. Their bar is right in front of the sea for you to enjoy your drinks in style. Aside from that, they have a swimming pool for a pool party. The guest DJs always come around to play their mixes, making sure that everybody has a good time. It’s time to grab a drink and be in sync with the beat.


Catch Beach Club

No one is too old to party. However, you might not have the same energy as youngsters do. You may not be able to dance all night, but that doesn’t mean you do not deserve to have an incredible night. Catch Beach Club is perfect for those who like to party, but not too hard. The design and decoration of this place scream sophisticated, yet chill. It is one of the best modern-style beachfront clubs in Bangtao Beach.

This club is open during both day and night. If you come when it is still bright, the music tends to be easy-to-listen-to and subtle. Once it gets dark, the vibe absolutely changes to the opposite. The DJs will switch their CDs to electronic music after 9 p.m. You can sit and talk with your friends while sipping a couple of drinks as the night goes by.


Dream Beach Club

For those music lovers, Dream Beach Club is not to be missed. On Sunday nights, they always hold a huge pool party. There will be international bands and DJs that come to play live music to entertain the guests. No other places have better tropical vibe than this beach club. It is one of the hottest party spots in town. They also have a vast selection of cocktails that will have you experiment with new drinks. It is a guarantee that your night will be dreamy just as the name suggests.


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