What to Do As a Family in Rawai Phuket

May 10, 2019
Fisherman Way Beach Resort

You can’t deny that taking a holiday trip with your family can result in quite the headache at times. One of the reasons for this is that it can be challenging to find activities that the whole family can enjoy.


If you plan to travel to Rawai in Phuket, however, we’ve got your back! Rawai is one of the most famous tourist spots in Phuket. You won’t have to worry about being stuck inside the hotel for the duration of the trip. Here are three things to do as a family in Rawai, Phuket:


Appreciate the scenic landscape on horseback


We all know that Rawai has magical scenery. Who can resist the white sandy seashore or the majestic greenery of the wilderness? However, viewing the scenic landscape from the inside of a car isn’t very special. Why don’t you go on horseback and fully take in the beauty around you?


This will make your Rawai trip memorable by a thousand times more. Check out a travel agency that offers a guided horseback tour. Some of them even offer family packs at better prices. This activity is exciting and suitable for both children and adults. Everyone will get to enjoy the adventure and explore the hidden natural beauties of Rawai.


Explore the local scenery


Phuket is surrounded by many smaller islands. On each one, there is something special just waiting to be discovered. There are many activities you can try such as hiking up the mountain, walking through the jungle, or kayaking into a cave. There are no limits in exploring the local nature in Phuket. Each location has a different type of outdoor activity.


Phang Nga Bay and Maya Bay may be famous for the crazy nightlife. However, they also contain an abundance of natural resources that are hidden in various places. You can explore the tropical marine habitats by booking a private speedboat tour. When you are traveling as a family, it is not ideal to book a tour with other people. You will get to enjoy more quality time as a family on a private tour. Also, there is no need to pack a picnic basket for the adventure. Most private speedboat packages include lunch and snacks on board. All you need to prepare is swimsuits, towels, and sunscreen.


Relax at the beach


When you are in Phuket, it is impossible to skip the beach experience. However, not all beaches are suitable for families. It’s best to stay away from the famous beaches in Rawai. Typically, these beaches are crowded with many tourists from all over the world. You won’t be able to enjoy a relaxing afternoon at such places.


Instead of visiting the popular spots, stop by Yanui beach. This might be a better place for your family as the area rarely gets busy. It is perfect for the kids to build sand castles or play in the water. There are also food stalls along the shore. You can always order seafood or even drinks to enjoy on the beachside. Make sure that you throw everything away in the bin. Littering is not acceptable and you can be fined for it. Help the locals keep the beach clean and maintain the beauty of nature that you have been fortunate enough to enjoy.


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