What to expect from a luxury villa

February 1, 2019
Fisherman Way Beach Resort

It’s not the easiest thing to book a luxury villa, as the owner may have to run a background check on the renter to ensure that they can actually afford the place. Once you’ve passed the initial assessment, the renter will have to give them a call to discuss the staying term. Most of these places usually rent out the place for weeks or months at a time, as the preparation process can take a while to finish.

If you’re looking to book a luxury villa, expect everything to be done manually. Because these villas are usually privately-owned, the owners have to manage it very personally to ensure that the property is kept at its best state. You may be able to request a private boat, car, or limo to rent while you’re there, so if you have the need for such vehicles, be sure to tell the owner ahead of time so that they can find one for you. If there’s anything that you need during your stay, you should be able to speak to the concierge or in-house manager at any time, and they can take care of it for you.

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